Don’t just treat symptoms of homelessness.
Get to the root of the causes.

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    Teddy Cares
    Homeless No More Graduate

    Bob’s Homeless No More Program
    Has Seen an Unmatched
    90% Success Rate.

    Help Put Someone On The Road To A Better Life.

    Do you know someone who has felt a catastrophic loss of health, family, and means? Many of these people have been pulled into a kind of spiraling poverty that leads to homelessness, but there is a way out. Bob Sweeney and his Homeless No More program have seen a 90% success rate in lifting families out of homelessness.

    Walks an individual through an entire 10-month program resulting in complete homeless recovery.

    That includes:

    • Meals
    • A safe place to stay
    • Medical services
    • Counseling
    • Job training

    Even if you can’t give $9,000,

    You Can Still Give:

    Pays for a meal

    Pays for a pass
    (to help someone find a job).

    Pays for an entire day
    and night’s stay

    — Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, Co-Chair of the National Homeless Caucus

    “The best example of a homeless recovery program I have ever seen!”

    — Jason, HNM Graduate

    “This program works. This program will change your life!”

    — Tiffany, HNM graduate

    “Every day, I wake up feeling light, without the weight of the world, which is something I have never felt before. I completely attribute this to the program.”

    — Bishop T.D. Jakes

    “Bob is a friend and a colleague, and I’ve seen first-hand his amazing recovery program and remarkable results showing his unique approach to homelessness.”

    — Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

    “What a refreshing approach! It would do our country good to follow this method of recovery.”

    — Chad Hennings, Air Force Veteran & former Dallas Cowboy

    “I’ve seen too many of my fellow veterans end up on the street. I can tell you that Bob is America’s homeless expert, and other shelters should follow his model in addressing homelessness.”

    How Does My Charitable Contribution Help?


    Give a tax-deductible contribution of $30, $100, $500, or more…


    We’ve partnered with many highly-effective homeless shelters throughout the US. Your gift goes towards enrolling a homeless person in the proven Homeless No More Program.


    Your recipient will walk through the program, working out issues that contributed to their homelessness, learning new job skills, and following the steps to get back on their feet.

    Be a part of the solution.
    Help someone out of homelessness.

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