Will Your City Do the Right Thing?

While politicians pretend to help,
you can make a lasting impact and
change a life forever. Contact us for more information on how you can transform lives through Bob’s Homeless No More program.

Homeless No More
Makes Real Change Possible.

My program meets the homeless right where they are.
Considering those with limited choices, limited levels of education and financial struggles, the Homeles No More program was designed to help the formerly homeless gain control of their own lives — and the response has been overwhelming. Our 90% success rate has proven HNM helps them become brand-new contributing members of society.

90% Success!

Only Bob Sweeney’s Homeless No More Recovery program has a success rate of 90%, while most programs can only achieve 5% or less. This is why I want to share this with as many homeless people as possible. You can be a part of this change. Together we can make a real difference instead of giving a few dollars out a car window.


Our Mindset Needs to Change

We need a change of mindset. We need to see past their signs saying “God Bless, Please Help”. Instead, we need to offer them a way out; we need to offer real change instead of spare change. Homeless No More does just that.

“We need to offer real change instead of spare change.”


Our Program Treats Underlying Causes

In Homeless No More we unearth the seeds of homelessness and treat it where it starts.


Many of our guests deal with deep wounds that leave them bitter and angry. Our trained counselors help them work through the pain of their past.


Over 60% of our homeless brothers and sisters fight with alcohol addiction and substance abuse. We listen and hold them accountable for change.


It can be almost impossible to live in a society where your own mind works against you. Our professional medical partners provide needed medication for those needing to think more clearly.

— Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, Co-Chair of the National Homeless Caucus

“The best example of a homeless recovery program I have ever seen!”

— Jason, HNM Graduate

“This program works. This program will change your life!”

— Tiffany, HNM graduate

“Every day, I wake up feeling light, without the weight of the world, which is something I have never felt before. I completely attribute this to the program.”

— Bishop T.D. Jakes

“Bob is a friend and a colleague, and I’ve seen first-hand his amazing recovery program and remarkable results showing his unique approach to homelessness.”

— Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

“What a refreshing approach! It would do our country good to follow this method of recovery.”

— Chad Hennings, Air Force Veteran & former Dallas Cowboy

“I’ve seen too many of my fellow veterans end up on the street. I can tell you that Bob is America’s homeless expert, and other shelters should follow his model in addressing homelessness.”

Who Does Homeless No More Help?

Besides the thousands of men, women, and families; there are many of our guests that need extra help.


One in 19 homeless are veterans men and women who put their lives on the line for our country and our freedom.

Many suffer from:

  • PTSD
  • Chronic Pain
  • Debilitating Injuries
  • Difficulties adjusting to civilian life
  • An inability to transfer military skills into a regular job

We help them through these trials.


In our twilight years, the last thing we want to have to worry about is where our next meal is coming from.

For the elderly, it is particularly hard to start a new life. Some of these dear folks are having to choose between affording their medication and food to eat. We walk with them hand-in-hand in this troubled time.


One In 10 children is homeless.

At a time in their lives when they are the most vulnerable, their security net has been pulled out from under them. More than anyone, they need help adjusting to this new life. In Homeless No More, we even have a special program just for them.

After all, no child ever asked to be homeless. They are with us because of someone else’s bad decisions.


Homeless Families are extremely vulnerable.

As parents navigate finding their next meal and shelter, they have to consider the impact their plight has on their children. Helping build or re-build trust and familial bonds is paramount. We work to address past wounds/issues and establish healthy patterns of communication moving forward.

How much does it cost to enroll someone in
the Homeless No More program?

We spent $9,000, over 10 months, to get someone back on their feet. That’s the price to change a life forever, and that is a small price to pay to give someone their life back.

Walks an individual through an entire 10-month program resulting in complete homeless recovery.

That includes:

  • Meals
  • A safe place to stay
  • Medical services
  • Counseling
  • Job training

Even if you can’t give $9,000,

You Can Still Give:

Pays for a meal

Pays for a pass
(to help someone find a job).

Pays for an entire day
and night’s stay

Buys an hour of counseling to
work through a painful past